"Bodegas Lezcano-Lacalle played a key role in the Renaissance of CIGALES. The First Reserva with Appellation of Origin was produced in 1991 harvest and as a result LEZCANO-LACALLE was the pioneer of the District’s Great Red Wines."

The winery Lezcano-Lacalle is located in the old kingdom of Castilla y León which lies north-west of Spain. It belongs to a small historical village called Trigueros del Valle which is located in the region of the river Duero, around 30 km north of the city Valladolid.

More than ten centuries of tradition mark this wine region, in which the family Leczano-Lacalle founded the winery in the year 1991.

Their first harvest was already qualified as the first Reserva Wine with Apellation of Origen Cigales. This converted Lezcano-Lacalle in the pioneer of the great wines of the region.

At more than 800 meters of altitude, with soils of gravel and an extreme climate, these vineyards are not only full of history, they are also situated in an exceptional area where amazing grapes are produced and unforgettable wines are elaborated.

José-Félix Lezcano León (Engineer) was the founder of the Apellation of Origen Cigales: In 1980 when the phenomenon of the Apellations of Origen awoke in Cigales, José-Félix grouped the grape farmers of the area and in 1991 he consolidated this region in Apellation of Origen, being its first President.

At that time, his son Félix Lezcano Lacalle finished his studies of enology. Attracted by the awakening of the grape Tempranillo in Cigales, he adopts the viticulture as a way of life and he moves to the “Valley of Trigueros”, where father and son founded the winery.

In a short time, Félix Lezcano becomes the driving force of CIGALES, with the first plantations of the grape Merlot and his Reserva Red Wines that were elaborated with the label,


At present, the wines are produced from a selection of the grapes Tempranillo and Merlot that proceed from vineyards older than 20 years and matured for a long time in oak barrels.

Today Félix Lezcano moves through Europa with DÚ, LEZCANO-LACALLE and MAUDES. They are exclusive, modern and different wines, full of culture, expressing the history of these landscapes of legendary vineyards.

Pago de Valdeátima has a unique and singular terruar with vineyards being situated at an altitude of more than 800 meters. The grape varieties are Tempranillo and Merlot.

Three red wines DÚ, LEZCANO-LACALLE and MAUDES are matured in oak barrels with fine grain.

Darkness and silence... Taking care to the last detail.

"In LEZCANO-LACALLE we are aware of the great significance involving the continuation of the work initiated by those historical viticulturists. Thanks to their endeavours and devotion, they were able to quench the thirst of this region’s tough settlers."  

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Tel. (+34) 629 280 515

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